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Assistant Principal

Administrator's Corner
Assistant Principal - Sebastian 

My name is Sebastian S. Williams, and I've dedicated over 25 years to the field of education. Originally hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, I made the move to Texas in 2010, eager to continue my educational journey in a new environment. With 18 years of experience as a Special Education Teacher and an additional 5 years as a Behavior Interventionist and CPI Instructor, I've developed a deep understanding of creating inclusive and supportive learning environments.

My educational journey began at the University of Mississippi, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Combining my business acumen with a passion for education, I later pursued a Master of Arts in Teaching in Instruction & Curriculum from the University of Memphis. Additionally, I obtained a Master's degree in Educational Administration from Strayer University, equipping myself with the leadership skills necessary to drive positive change within educational institutions. Furthermore, I obtained principal certification from Lamar University, further solidifying my commitment to educational leadership.

Now, as an Assistant Principal in Everman ISD, I am excited to bring my wealth of experience to the table. As a father of three and grandfather of five, I understand the importance of preparing our students to become important and productive members of society. I am committed to instilling in them the values of resilience, empathy, and academic excellence. With my dedication to student success, I am determined to make a lasting impact on the Everman ISD community and beyond.


Sebastian Williams
Assistant Principal